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Maple Bay Hop Farm is located near Maple Bay in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. Owned and operated by longtime friends, Jordan Cain and Ben Reeder since 2014. The farms Big Leaf maple tree is surrounded by 9 organically grown varietals over 5 acres.

Led by our Head Grower Jordan, we have taken a lot of care to prepare our field to be ideal for hops.  For decades the southern facing slope had been a hay field and sheep pasture. After soil testing and consultation, we confirmed that our site was ideal for hops. We ripped and tilled the field and added ditches and drainage to ensure our hop rhizomes and plants would have a happy home.

Using our unique steel trellis design, Maple Bay Hop Farm is able to comply with organic standards and achieve a permanent structure that will not need to be replaced for decades to come.

We look forward to serving organic hops to the craft beer industry in BC.

Our Hops

Here’s a look at our nine varietals


Cascade is the #1 hop used in craft brewing, known for its unique spicy, floral, grapefruit character with balanced bittering potential. This dual purpose Pacific Northwest variety is also great for dry hopping. A visual characteristic of the plant is its dark green elongated cones, which contain moderate to high amounts of alpha acids and myrcene compared to many other varieties.

Typical Beer Styles: IPA and American Pale Ale


Centennial is a dual purpose hop that has found favor as one of the most popular varieties in craft brewing. It is often referred to as a super-Cascade (containing nearly double the alpha content) and can be used for bittering purposes. The bitterness is quite clean and has aromatic pine, citrus, and floral notes depending on the boil time.

Typical Beer Styles: India Pale Ale and Pale Ales.


A high alpha variety with an aroma of spicy, piney and a distinct grapefruit. This alluring aroma and a high bittering value has gained this hop full respect from craft & major brewers. Chinook is popular in American style beers such as Pale Ale and India Pale ale, but extends itself well to Seasonal Ales, and darker beers including Porter and Stout.


The variety has a low cohumulone content which allows a well balanced bittering properties along with a pleasant aroma of citrus mixed with sweet fruity of pear or apricot. Aroma seems to be the strong suit of this hop.

Typical Beer Styles: Pale Ales, ESBs, English-Style Pale Ales, Porters, Stouts


Its low co-humulone is similar to noble varieties and provides smoothness to beer, however alpha acid levels can reach as high as 12%. Horizon can be utilized in every stage of the brewing process. Its aroma profile is floral and spicy. Half sister of Nugget; lineage includes Brewer’s Gold and Early Green. Bred in Oregon.

Typical Beer Styles: US Ales

Sorachi Ace

This Illusive Japanese dual purpose hop is seeing increased usage in recent years. Being an extremely high alpha aroma hop, Sorachi Ace is unique variety; great for bittering with citrus fruit, herbal and dill aromas. The variety was developed in 1984 for Supporo Brewers Ltd. Sorachi Ace’s pedigree includes Brewer’s Gold and Saaz.

Typical Beer Styles: Belgian Wits, IPAs, Pale Ales, Belgian Saisons

Triple Pearl

Its lineage includes Northern Brewer and Hallertau. TriplePearl is similar to Perle but features more pronounced aroma characteristics. This variety is a little more far out. Classic orange notes blend with lime and honeydew in the aroma. Sweet orange peel, line zest, pepper and pine dominate the flavor.

Typical Beer Styles: Pale Ale and Pilsners



Newer domestic aroma variety with Saaz characteristics. Very fine, mild, spicy with floral notes. Bred as a substitute for Hallertauer Mittelfrüh. Bred by the hops research program in Corvallis, Oregon in 1983 and released in 1995 by the USDA, Ultra is a triploid seedling of Hallertau mf. and half sister to Mt. Hood, Liberty and Crystal.


Vanguard is typically utilized in traditional German-style beers as a noble type variety. Slightly flowery, mild. Similar to Hallertau Mittlefruh and Saaz in aroma. A gentle hop for subtle bitterness, aroma, and flavor.
Typical Beer Styles: Lagers, Pilsners, Bocks, Kolsch, Wheats, Munich Helles, Belgian-Style Ales


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